The 'Great' Influenza and Covid-19: 

Comparing the Present with the Past

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 

10:00 a.m. on ZOOM* 

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Professor Esyllt Jones 

Esyllt Jones is Dean of Studies at St. John’s College, University of Manitoba.

Professor Jones teaches and conducts research into the history of health and disease in Canada and elsewhere. She also specializes in 20th century health and social activism; working class history; and the history of Winnipeg.

Her publications include Influenza 1918: Disease, Death and Struggle in Winnipeg (University of Toronto Press, 2007). 

Her work also encompasses a  collection of essays entitled, Epidemic Encounters: Influenza, Society, and Culture in Canada, 1919-1920, co-edited with Magda Fahrni (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2012).

You can learn more about Professor Jones'  extensive academic and research interests on her University of Manitoba Faculty Page. 

 The 'Great' Influenza and Covid-19: Comparing the Present with the Past


During Covid-19, historians of the 1918-1920 influenza pandemic have frequently been asked to draw parallels with, or lessons from, the past. This talk will explore some of the complexities of developing a historical perspective on a pandemic lived in real time. It will draw out the importance of dissimilarities between Covid and the influenza pandemic, in an attempt to deepen our understanding of specificity and continuity in infectious disease history.

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