CFUW/Kanata Award Winners

Volunteer Award


This Volunteer award is presented to a member who has been a member of CFUW for over 10 years; has made outstanding contributions to CFUW locally, provincially and/or nationally; used educational and professional training at the service of the community; and promoted good fellowship amongst CFUW/Kanata members.

 2012  Judy Tinsley & Mary Williams
 2013  Pam Byrtus & Loraine Drewell
 2014  Jennifer Rose
 2015  Joy Forbes
 2016  Cathie Faubert
2017  Janice Stonehouse & Martha Klump
 2018  Ann Mulvihill
2019  Helen Chambers
 2020  Dorothy Evans
 2021 Jeanie Biro
2022  Heather Pettipas
 2023 Hazel Pompey

Exemplary Leadership Award

Certificate of Exemplary Leadership,” the aims are not only to promote leadership but to also recognize extraordinary leadership, particularly in major events or at the executive level;  to encourage leadership in local, provincial and national activities; and to demonstrate leadership at club meetings, events and/or programs.  To meet these aims, the eligible candidate must have the written agreement of 80% or more of CFUW/Kanata executive members in the current year that the award is given.  As well, the certificate is to be signed by a Past President, the current Vice-President(s) and the Treasurer or her designate on the Executive. This award is presented at the CFUW/Kanata Annual General Meeting.
2016 Carole Fowler demonstrated leadership in all types of meetings, in public programs/events offered by CFUW/Kanata and social events within the club. She represented us at the local, provincial and national level, engendering respect among everyone privileged to work with her. She served three years as our club’s leader and decision maker.
 2017Mary Williams
 2018Sandra Burger
 2019Loraine Drewell
 2020Louanne Lax
 2021 Barbara Carriere
 2022  Pam Byrtus

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