Presented at the Annual General Meeting on April 13, 2021 

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Canadian Federation of University

Women/Kanata Scholarship Trust




MARCH 2021

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       Board of Trustees …………………………………………………….  3

       Message from the Chair .……………………………………………   4

       Financial Report ...……………………………………………………  5

       2020 Scholarship Winners …………………………………………..  7

       Awards Committee Report…………………………………………..   8 

CFUW/Kanata Scholarship Trust      


Charitable Registration #     80922 2276 RR0001


The objective of the Trust is to assist women in meeting their educational pursuits by granting scholarships 
and awards 
from this charitable Trust dedicated 
to that purpose


Chair            Loraine Drewell

Secretary     Joyce Lemke      

Treasurer     Sandra St. Germain

Resource     Louanne Lax


CFUW/Kanata Scholarship Trust Awards Committee 2020

Chair            Sandy Burger

Members      Wende Collins

                     Lidia Cormier

Trustee         Loraine Drewell

Message from the Chair                                             Loraine Drewell

2020 was a unique and unforgettable year for all of us, bringing with it new learning experiences, challenges and problems to solve. The Trustees ably executed the Trust’s mandate to help local high school students attend university by using technology to facilitate meetings and to enhance the award process of choosing scholarship winners.

One major milestone for the Trust was the revision of its 2009 Declaration, resulting in the new Declaration 2020, which was approved by CFUW/Kanata (CFUW/K) at the Trust’s first independent AGM on June 16, 2020. Notable changes in the document included a well-defined separateness in the relationship between the Trust and CFUW/K along with minor organizational restructuring of both groups so that the award process is managed solely by the Trust. 

The electronic submission of all student applications to the Trust and the award process to choose eight scholarship winners proceeded very smoothly due to great teamwork and effort. By year-end, seven of eight $1,000 scholarships were awarded, as one student decided to not pursue post-secondary education.

We are so very appreciative and impressed by the flexibility, creativity and generosity of CFUW/K members who, in light of COVID-19 limitations, rallied with great resolve to fund-raise in novel ways and to personally donate to the Trust. Donations from CFUW/K, which is in effect our major fundraiser, dropped by only 30% in 2020 as compared to the previous year, despite the cancellation of planned fundraising events. 

Our strategy for next year is to continue to carefully monitor the Trust’s funds while maintaining the same new award process and the same monetary level of the awards. Having sought legal advice, the amended Declaration will be submitted to CRA.  The endowment fund that the Trust established in 2019 has been left to grow for one year in order to provide enough funds for its first Anne-Marie Dallaire-Sarazen Scholarship in Women’s and Gender Studies, so we now excitedly look forward to learning which MA candidate Carleton University will choose as the winner of the award. 

I extend heartfelt thanks to the members of CFUW/K and the community who have generously donated to the Trust. Your support is invaluable.  I deeply thank the members of the Awards Committee for their great assistance in recommending suitable candidates to win the scholarships.  The Trustees have worked hard to make this year such a big success, especially spending an incredible amount of time on the Declaration revision project.  I thank my valuable team members profusely and with much appreciation for their strong work ethic, commitment and dedication to fulfilling the aim of the Trust to assist young scholars to further their education.

Together, we are making a difference. To quote Ben Franklin, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”                                                                                          

Best regards,                                                                                                                          
Loraine Drewell

CFUW/Kanata Scholarship Trust

Annual Financial Report 

January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020

Bank Balance as of January 1, 2020                                                                $  4,784.58

Interest- Daily Interest Savings Account        $         4.11

Returned Scholarship Cheque                      $   1,000.00 (Note 1)

Tax-Receipted General Donations 

                         - Member                               $        630.00                                                   

                         - Anne-Marie Dallaire-

                           Sarazen Bequest                 $     _665.67

                                                                        $     1,295.67   

Fund Raising Tax-Receipted Donations                                                                                                                        

Mask Project                         $        940.00

                         - Trivia Night                          $     2,420.00

                         - Fashion Show                      $        280.00

                         - Swag Project                       $        360.00

                                                                        $     4,000.00   

Fund Raising Non Tax-Receipted

                         - Trivia Silent Auction             $     1,228.00   

                         - Trivia Crafters                      $        452.00

                         - Guitar Groovers                   $        350.00

                                                                        $     2,030.00                           

Revenue 2020 (excl. opening balance)       $     8,329.78                                       $  8,329.78


Bank Charges (Note2)                                    $          39.50

Administration & Training                               $        243.60                                                   

CFUW Kanata Scholarships                          $     7,000.00 (Note 1)

Total Expenses 2020                                 $     7,283.10                                     $ (7,283.10)  

Income minus Expenditures 2020                  $     1,046.68               



Cash Transfer from Investment Account in 2020                                          $  3,940.05

Balance in Daily Interest Savings December 31, 2020                                $  9,771.31



CFUW/Kanata Scholarship Trust

Annual Financial Report 

January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020

Current Assets as of December 31, 2020

Balance in Daily Interest Savings                                                               $    9,771.31

Fixed Term GIC’s                                                                                              47,723.63

Total Assets                                                                                                   $  57,494.94

Total Liabilities as of December 31, 2020                                                  $           0.00    


1.    One scholarship was returned because a student was not pursuing her education at this time, which resulted in $6,000 total awarded for scholarships in 2020. Another student selected in 2020 required a reissued cheque, which did not occur until 2021.

Prepared by:  Sandra St. Germain, Treasurer

CFUW/Kanata Scholarship Trust

March 22, 2021           

CONGRATULATIONS to all 2020 Scholarship Award Winners

Awards Committee Report                     Sandy Burger, Chair

Meetings Online via Zoom 
The pandemic forced the CFUW/Kanata Scholarship Awards Committee to operate differently in 2020-21.  All meetings were held online via the Zoom platform. As well, the Committee decided it would like to offer more input into the student selection process, to ensure that all award winners met the criteria set out in our application process and reduce the demands on teachers and guidance departments.  It turned out that because so many students and teachers were not in school, they were happy to advertise the scholarships and forward the applications to our committee. 

Assessment of Applications
We were able to set up a g-mail account to both receive and assess applications from students.  This enabled Committee members to easily review each student’s file. Some students, however, used the school board’s system, which posed some problems but these problems were eventually overcome. We received 3 applications from A.Y. Jackson High School, 5 from Earl of March High School, 2 from Ecole Secondaire Maurice-Lapointe, 4 from South Carleton High School, 7 from West Carleton High School (requiring an extension as the applications had not been sent out by that guidance department on time), 6 applications from All Saints Catholic High School, 6 from Holy Trinity High School, 3 from Ecole Secondaire Paul-Desmarais, and 21 from Sacred Heart Catholic High School.  

Final Selections
A scoring grid was developed which enabled the Committee to make final selections at a Zoom meeting. The winners were: Neha Ahluwalia from the Earl of March High School, who would be attending Carleton University;  Souleika Musse from Ecole Secondaire Maurice Lapointe, who would be attending the University of Ottawa;  Katie Collins from South Carleton High School, who would be attending the University of Ottawa; Nicole Oancea from West Carleton Secondary School, who would be attending the University of Ottawa; Jessica Hay from Sacred Heart High School, who would be attending the University of Ottawa, Sarah Becker from Holy Trinity attending the University of Ottawa and Florence Lacroix from Paul-Desmarais attending the University of Ottawa. There was no suitable candidate from A.Y. Jackson. The candidate from the All Saints High School withdrew from Carleton for this year. There were no applications from Frederick Banting Alternate School. Because of the pandemic, there were no graduation ceremonies and no tea for the winners and their parents. Cheques were provided to the appropriate university for each winner.  

Changes in Selection Process
Once again, the CFUW/Kanata Scholarship Trust will be offering $1000 scholarships to each of our schools in our catchment area for a total of 10 scholarships.  In preparation for the 2021 scholarship awards, the committee met in the Fall of 2020. The committee decided to limit the number of applications we process from each school to 10. In addition, students would also be required to submit all documents in PDF format. This would ensure our easy access to their applications and preclude students making any changes after first submitting their application. Finally, the group decided to ask for a reference letter from either a teacher or adult in the school community. To that end, the application was revised and instructions sent to the guidance departments of the 10 high schools. It was agreed that the g-mail account be monitored on a weekly basis by both the Chair and one committee member.  

As well, it was agreed that due to the ongoing pandemic situation, that there would not be a Winners’ Tea again this year. 

Committee Members
Members of the Awards Committee for 2019-20 were Sandy Burger (Chair), Wende Collins, Lidia Cormier and Loraine Drewell (representative from the Trust). Special mention is made especially about Lidia Cormier, for both her expertise and her willingness to set up an online process that enabled committee members to easily assess applications and select winners in 2020.

The Chair is also grateful that Lynn Payton has agreed to join the Committee and share her technical expertise for the 2021 awards year. Thank you, as well, to Loraine Drewell and Wende Collins for continuing to bring their experience and expertise to the Committee.

  Respectfully submitted,        

  Sandy Burger, Chair            

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