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2021 Scholarship Recipients

2018 Scholarship Trust Award Recipients

Congratulations to winners of the CFUW/Kanata Scholarship Trust-2018. These students –from secondary schools in Kanata, Goulbourn, West Carleton areas are all heading to universities and colleges this fall.

This year’s recipients are Blaze Burgess-Woodley - A.Y. Jackson S.S.; Hayley Chown - Earl of March S.S.; Arianne Chartrand –Frederick Banting Alternate School; Sarah El-Kass -Ecole Secondaire Maurice-Lapointe; Lauren MacLellan –South Carleton H.S.; Zoe Amyot –West Carleton H.S.; Jennifer Rasp –All Saints Catholic H.S.; Jillian Key –Holy Trinity Catholic H.S.; Haley Bowditch –Sacred Heart Catholic H.S. 

These dedicated students have maintained high academic standing, overcome personal challenges, and participated in a wide variety of extracurricular school and community activities. We wish them every success as they pursue their post-secondary studies.

2017 Recipients 

CFUW/Kanata Scholarship Trust's Award  Winners Head to University and College

Congratulations to four excellent students in our community. They are this year’s recipients of CFUW/Kanata’s scholarship awards for high school graduates who are pursuing post-secondary education.

This year’s recipients - Ayla Suprey from Holy Trinity HS, Elsie Galley from South Carleton HS, Holly Pacholik from Sir Frederick Banting Alternate HS, and Susannah Finan from All Saints HS - are impressive young women who have overcome many personal challenges to graduate. They have all maintained high academic averages, participated in many school clubs, and demonstrated leadership to other students. 

2016 Recipients

NOTE: This year, two college bursaries were awarded since no college award was given in 2015.
In addition, the CFUW/Kanata Scholarship Trust Awards Committee found extra private funding this year for the Trust to award a third university scholarship.

University Scholarships

Megan Kent  

(Frederick Banting Alternate High School) 

University of Toronto 

Thao Dao  

(AY Jackson)  

University of Ottawa 

Genevieve Des Ormeaux  (All Saints) - University of Guelph 

College Bursaries

Michelle Bent  (Earl of March) - Algonquin College

(Pictured with Jeanie Biro. CFUW Kanata)

Mariah Stone (All Saints)  - Algonquin College

2015 Recipients

photo of 2015 scholarship recipients
Left to Right: Judy Tinsley, Carmen Ho, Derryn Few and Lara Weeks

This year CFUW/Kanata offered two $2000 bursaries to young women graduating from area high schools.  From the seven worthy candidates nominated by their teachers from local high schools, we are delighted to announce the two outstanding winners.

Carmen Ho from Holy Trinity Catholic High School will be studying Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering at Carleton University.

Lara Weeks from Earl of March High School will attend the University of Guelph in Environmental Sciences.

2014 Recipients

photo of 2014 scholarship recipients
The grads:
Molly Eagan (All Saints), Alexis McMorran (Sacred Heart), Sophie Jaques (South Carleton),
Shannon Slade (Holy Trinity), Alice Dodds (West Carleton), Allie MacDonald (Earl of March),
Saania Tariq (A.Y.Jackson)

2013 Recipients

The Canadian Federation of University Women/Kanata (CFUW) is pleased and proud to announce they have presented seven $1000.00 scholarships to outstanding young women graduating from seven local high schools. The recipients all have excellent academic standings, have been accepted to university and have made significant contributions to their schools and communities.

The scholarship winners, their guests, the CFUW scholarship presenters and Sandy Burger, the 2012-2013 CFUW/Kanata President attended a tea on Friday June 21st at the home of Derryn Few the CFUW/Kanata Scholarship Convenor. The scholarship awards were presented at the various graduation ceremonies which took place in the last week of June.

photo of scholarship recipients
The grads and presenters:
Front Row left to right: Emma Brown - Earl of March, Jordan Scott - Holy Trinity, Kassie Williams - West Carleton, Alena Thor - All Saints, Derryn Few - CFUW Kanata Scholarship Convener.
Middle Row left to right: Madison Sweeney - A.Y. Jackson, Adele Muldoon - CFUW Presenter
Back Row left to right Sandy Burger - CFUW Kanata President, and Presenter, Amber Macey - Sacred Heart, Barb Carriere - CFUW Presenter, Monique Tougas-Bruhn - CFUW Presenter, Hannah Driver - South Carleton, Gail Christison - CFUW Kanata Vice President and Presenter. Ann Mulvihill - CFUW Presenter

2013 Recipients

photo of scholarship recipients
Front Row left to right : Emma Brown - Earl of March, Jordan Scott - Holy Trinity, Kassie Williams - West Carleton, Alena Thor - All Saints. 

Back Row left to right: Madison Sweeney - A.Y. Jackson, Amber Macey - Sacred Heart, Hannah Driver - South Carleton

2012 Recipients

photo of scholarship recipients
The grads and presenters:
Back Row left to right: Barb Carriere, Eve Elliot, Samantha Bureau, Derryn Few, Ashley Drodge,
Second Row left to right: Nicole Spence, Miranda Taing, Judy Tinsley, Amy Belisle
Front Row left to right: Joy Forbes, Sayana Izmailova, Diana Pham, Adele Muldoon, Jean Biro
photo of scholarship recipients
Ms. Tammy Fortier was the recipient of the CFUW Kanata Scholarship trust $500.00 Algonquin College Scholarship. Tammy is a first year Dental Hygiene student who is a single mother who returned to school after graduating originally in 2000. She was very grateful for her scholarship and wrote a thank you note to the Kanata CFUW stating how pleased she was to receive it and that it would be a financial benefit for her and her daughter Ella. Brenda Rothwell, Executive Director, Algonquin College Foundation, presented Tammy with her award in November 2012.


2011 Recipients

photo of scholarship recipients
Danielle Gelineau and Brenda Rothwell, Executive Director of the Algonquin College Foundation presenting the CFUW/Kanata Scholarship Trust Bursary to Danielle.
photo of scholarship recipients
Back row left to right: Kendra Matthews-Gramer, Lena Chen, Meghan O'Brien, and Sophia Raytchev. 
Front row left to right: Elizabeth Baird, Alexa Polenz, Monica Seidel and Shannon Baldwin


2010 Recipients

photo of scholarship recipients
Ms. Jessica Mena is a first year Business Administration student in the School of Business at Algonquin College
photo of scholarship recipients
Left to Right: Stephanie Cherry, Ashley McIntyre, Fattima Omran, Gabriela Carbo, Kelly Owen, Vitalie Nyembwe. Absent is Charlotte Nahon-Rura

2009 Recipients

photo of scholarship recipients

2008 Recipients

Emily Darling of West Carleton;
Lisa Tran of Earl of March;
Marika Bujaki of Sacred Heart; 
Janette Bass of South Carleton; 
Karlyn Madrid of Holy Trinity ; 
Sanah Assaad of A. Y. Jackson; and 
Katherine Bell of All Saints.

photo of scholarship recipients
Emily Darling, Judith Whyte (President), Lisa Tran, Marika Bujaki, Janette Bass, Karlyn Madrid, and Sanah Assaad. Absent from the photo is Katherine Bell.


2007 Recipients

Melanie Fortune of Earl of March (Pat MacLeod scholarship);
Kim Thomson of Earl of March;
Alicia Cornell of South Carleton;
Erica Wiebe of Sacred Heart

photo of scholarship recipients
Erica Wiebe, Kim Thomson, Elizabeth Pulker (President), Melanie Fortune, and Alicia Cornell.


2006 Recipients

Dina Kahiel of South Carleton;
Jennifer Marshall of West Carleton

photo of scholarship recipients
Dina Kahiel, Jennifer Marshall, Rose Ann Jackson (CFUW/Kanata)


2005 Recipients

Laura Ward of Sacred Heart; 
Sophia Mirza of Earl of March

photo of scholarship recipients
Judy Tinsley (Archivist), Laura Ward, Jeanie Biro (Scholarships), Loraine Drewell (President), Sophie Mirza, Joelyn Gregory (Publicity)


2004 Recipients

Kendra Bejder of South Carleton;
Staci Forsen of Sacred Heart

photo of scholarship recipients
Anthea MacNeil (President), Kendra Bejder , Staci Forsen, Loraine Drewell (Vice President), Jeanie Biro (Scholarships)


2003 Recipients

Leslie Helmus of Earl of March; 
Chelsea Clarke of A.Y.Jackson

photo of scholarship recipients
Chelsea Clarke, Anthea MacNeil (Vice President), Leslie Helmus, Mary Williams (Publicity), Pam Byrtus (President)


2002 Recipient

Holly Milliner of A.Y. Jackson

photo of scholarship recipients
Beverley Pick(Scholarships), Holly Milliner, Judy Tinsley (President)


Book Prizes

All Saints

Sierra Laderoute (2007) ($500)
Erin Doyle (2006) ($500)
Renée Michelle-Labrosse (2005) ($400)
Sarah Carpenter (2004) ($400)

A.Y. Jackson

Leah Laroque (2007) ($500)
Cynthia Mitchell (2006) ($500)
Bryn Bamber (2005) ($400) 
Van La  (2004) ($400)
Maria Rodriguez, Jackie Boyce (2003) ($300)
Kristen Thomas (2002)  ($300)
Meredith Cullen  (2001) ($250)

Earl of March

Tania Steyn (2007) ($500)
Caitlin Carss (2006) ($500)
Mimi Albera (2005) ($400) 
Stacey Glenney  (2004) ($400)
Kathleen Talarico, Laura Berry (2003) ($300)
Heba Aly (2002)  ($300)
Karika Russell  (2001) ($250)

Holy Trinity

Alexandra Born (2007) ($500)
Andrea Cooper (2006) ($500)
Catherine Paquin (2005) ($400) 
Laura Phillips   (2004) ($400)
Kristen Foster, Deborah Harris  (2003) ($300)
Anne Cottingham (2002)  ($300)
Meghan Kinahan  (2001)  ($250)

Sacred Heart

Erica Butler (2007) ($500)
Tracy Spear (2006) ($500)
Erin Flegg (2005) ($400) 
Emily Fortier-Brynaert  (2004) ($400)
Kimberley Daniels, Nikki Mockus (2003) ($300)
Natalie Phillips (2002)  ($300)

South Carleton

Elizabeth Chretien (2007) ($500)
Meghan Stewart (2006) ($500)
Karley Holm-Andrews (2005) ($400) 
Maryam Tangaki   (2004) ($400)
Carolyn Dunlop, Rachel Higgins   (2003) ($300) 
Erin Joy (2002)  ($300)

West Carleton

Ashley Attwell (2007) ($500)
Malorie Moore (2006) ($500)
Lisa Trudel (2005) ($400) 
Rosalie Amalu, Raven Jawandi  (2004) ($200)
Megan Chapman, Stephanie Wilde (2003) ($300)
Laura Hillary (2002) ($300)
Jennifer Strongithorm (2001) ($250)

If you know of someone who would be a worthy recipient of a scholarship or book prize, please contact the guidance counselor at their high school.

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