Genealogy1959 -Norman Rockwell's family Tree

 1st  and 2nd Thursdays @ 11:00a.m.

Convenor: Kathy Thompson

Get started in the fascinating world of genealogy by using valuable tools to guide and organize your search. You'll learn how to document  your findings,  gather knowledge about  living ancestors, identify different types of records to search and where to find them. Make a research plan to keep you on track, and log your discoveries.  You will soon be able to launch your own exploration.

The first Thursday of the month sessions will be more focused on record keeping, exploring databases, recording information, and sharing research tips. 

The second Thursday of the month sessions will be more sharing of personal research and getting member input to help break through research brick walls or move to the next level of their research.

All levels of experience are welcome to attend either or both of the Thursday sessions

Note: The image is "Family Tree"  painted by Norman Rockwell in 1959. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Norman Rockwell Museum

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