History Group

The History Group welcomes history buffs. An interesting array of guest speakers is planned for Sept. 2021 to May, 2022. Please see below the tentative Program.

We will meet on the Third Wed. of the month between 10am and Noon.  Due to the impending 4th wave of the pandemic, we will meet via ZOOM for the Fall session at least.

Members have agreed to help in the costs of purchasing Thank you gifts for the guest speakers, which will be given to charities of choice.  Members will forward a cheque of $25.00 ($3.00 per meeting) to participate in the lectures. 

Please contact  the Convenor for further details.

Historical Tidbit

Artifact c.1550 - A Notation Knife  https://youtu.be/-mai-7WUbBo (video 5:19 minutes) 

(from the collection of the  Victoria and Albert Museum in London.)

 Sept 15 A Tour of Art Deco in Shanghai

Ian Ferguson

Cathie Faubert

Oct 20

The 'Great' Influenza and Covid 19:  Comparing the Present with the Past.

Dr. Esyllt Jones

Dianne Dodd
Nov 17

The Wine Industry during the French Revolution

Prof. Rod Philips

Carleton Univ.

Cathie Faubert
Dec15  Mackenzie King, Churchill + Roosevelt and their role in WW2.

William Tyler

Manchester UK.

Cathie Faubert
Jan 19 The EXTRAordinary Case of Building a COVID Collection

John Lund

City of Ottawa Archives

Dianne Dodd
  Feb  16

Black History Month

 Caribbean influences in Canadian Culture

Ewart Walters

Jamaican Ottawa Assoc.

Cathie Faubert
Mar 16

"Elsie McGill: 20th Century Engineer & Feminist. So what?"

Dr. Crystal Sissons, Independent Historian

Dianne Dodd
Apr 20 "I miss you more than words can tell:" The Impact of Early Cold War Canadian Military Policy on one Family's Experience”

Dr. Jane Elliot

Nurse Historian

Dianne Dodd
 May  18History of Afghanistan


 Cathie Faubert
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