Awards Committee Role 

The Awards Committee is a dedicated group of volunteers who really care about the education of women. This group ensures that the guidelines set out by the Trust are used effectively to provide scholarships to the most deserving candidate.

This committee liaises with the secondary schools in Kanata and Stittsville, and informs the counsellors of what we can offer in scholarships and how they can be obtained. They send a package to the guidance counsellors with the application form and the guidelines. Students interested in these scholarships should contact their guidance counsellor to get a copy of the form.

Students send their completed application forms and reference letters to the Awards Committee who then review and evaluate the applications and select a winner for each school. This procedure is in compliance with CRA guidelines.

These students are then approved by the Scholarship Trust who write a cheque to the school the student will attend to be applied to tuition. 

In normal years (non COVID) the Committee arranges for a representative from our club to present the award to the winner at the annual graduation ceremony. Also, in the past the Committee has organized a tea for winners and parents.

 Awards Committee Members

As of  March, 2022

RoleMember's Name 
 Chair Sandy Burger
  Lynn Payton

 Hazel Pompey


 Tricia Carran

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