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  • 15 Feb 2021 8:43 PM
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    Please take a few minutes to review these two short videos prior to our meeting on Tuesday, Feb 23.
    1. Climate Change 101- Cause and Effect  (3 minutes)
    2. Climate Change - The Facts in 4 Minutes - David Attenborough outlines the challenge it poses for all of us  (4 minutes) 
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  • 25 Mar 2021 8:53 PM
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    Hi Mary,

    I did check out one of the Carbon footprint calculators you listed - an interesting activity ( checking bills and usage of energy like propane and pellets). The first part involved activities and decisions that were personal choices (food, clothing, car, etc). What was interesting to me were the items in the second part of the equation like insurance costs ( pet, house and car). The items in part 2 were largely 'unseen' impacts and these racked up the largest score for the Footprint calculation.


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