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Guest Author, Ruth Latta


by Ruth Latta

Fictional characters mingle with real people in Votes, Love and War, a novel about the Votes for Women campaign in Manitoba. Lillian Beynon Thomas and Francis Marion Beynon, sisters and well-known journalists, were leaders in the movement. Thanks in part to them, Manitoba was the first province of Canada to enfranchise women, in January 1916.

When eighteen year-old Charlotte Tyler left her rural home in 1913 to find work in Winnipeg, she dreamed of meeting the Beynon sisters. Under their wings, she participated in the suffrage movement and met many progressive people in Winnipeg. Then, in 1914, Canada went to war against Germany, and over the next four years, many hopes and dreams were shattered.

Ruth earned a B.A. in English and an M.A. in History from Queen’s University. After a lengthy career in writing and teaching, she has recently published four Canadian historical novels with Ottawa publisher Baico.

- The Songcatcher and Me (2016)

- Grace and the Secret Vault (2017) 

- Grace in Love: a novel about Grace Woodsworth (2018)

- Votes, Love and War (2019)

For more than thirty years, Ruth has been a prolific writer of short fiction, poetry, reviews, and literary articles. Her published writing has included historical subjects, a biography, and a book on the craft of writing. 

Originally from Englehart, Ontario, Ruth lives in Ottawa with a microbiologist/painter/writer and a cat.

For more information about Ruth's other books and publications, see http://ruthlattabooks.blogspot.ca and http://ruthlatta.blogspot.ca

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