The EXTRAordinary Case
of Building a COVID Collection

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 

10:00 a.m. on ZOOM* 

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The EXTRAordinary Case of Building a COVID Collection

This presentation will focus not only on the variety of donations that the City of Ottawa Archives received, but also the challenges of acquiring records as they were actually being created. 

The ethical challenges of a general call-out for the submission of records will be discussed. For example

-  Who has the capacity to respond?
-  Who does not?
-  Amid an actual pandemic, is this the most beneficial use of resources?
-  Using the backdrop of the Black Lives Movement, whose voices are heard and whose are not?

It will be argued that despite these challenges the COVID acquisition call-out was a valuable endeavour to which context must be applied. Indeed, this is the case with all archival records.

John Lund

BA, Arts; MA, History, (U.Vic)
MAS, Archival Studies (UBC)

Outreach and Digital Records Archivist at the City of Ottawa Archives

John Lund is the Outreach and Digital Records Archivist at the City of Ottawa Archives.  Prior to his work in Ottawa, John was a Photo Archivist at the Provincial Archives of Alberta and a Collections Management Archivist at the City of Red Deer Archives. John originally hails from a small town in B.C. 

He is a corporate archivist at the City of Ottawa Archives specializing in electronic records. John’s previous positions include Collections Management Archivist, City of Red Deer, and Visual Records Archivist, Provincial Archives of Alberta. John has provided workshops on digital and traditional photographs at the provincial/national level. He has presented papers on visual records and digitization at ACA conferences and has provided peer review for Archivaria. He continues to provide workshops on a variety of topics including photographic records, copyright and audio preservation and digitization. Outside of the nine to five John is a photographer and writer.

In addition to the archives profession, John's background is in Indigenous history, women's history, and the history of photography. He holds an MA in history and a BA in the Faculty of Fine Arts.

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