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CFUW/Kanata members are invited to join as many Interest Groups as they wish. It's the best deal in town - friendship, education and fun, all free! Whether it be on a journey towards laying down a grand slam at the card table, or enjoying many culinary delights, we hope that you will join us for a good time.

All the interest groups meet at times that do not conflict with the second Wednesday of the month, when the CFUW/Kanata General Meeting is held.

For more information concerning the Interest Groups, please contact Jean Biro, the Interest Group Coordinator, at cfuwkanata.interestgroups@gmail.com

Click on the various pages for detailed descriptions of all the groups.

Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 02 Monday Morning Book Club
Jan 02 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Jan 03 Movie Matinee
Jan 04 Twisted Sisters Book Club
Jan 04 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Jan 04 Tyros Bridge
Jan 05 National Mah-Jongg
Jan 06 Lunch Club
Jan 06 Mixed Duplicate Bridge
Jan 09 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Jan 10 Fibre Fans
Jan 10 Guitar Groovers
Jan 11 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Jan 12 National Mah-Jongg
Jan 16 Mixed Duplicate Morning Bridge
Jan 16 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Jan 16 Ladies Gourmet
Jan 17 Novel Women
Jan 17 Guitar Groovers
Jan 18 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Jan 18 Tyros Bridge
Jan 18 Outings
Jan 19 Outdoor Adventures
Jan 19 National Mah-Jongg
Jan 19 Travel Talk
Jan 20 Pot Luck Lunch
Jan 20 Social Contract Mixed Evening Bridge
Jan 23 Art Pals
Jan 23 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Jan 24 Current Issues
Jan 24 Guitar Groovers
Jan 25 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Jan 26 National Mah-Jongg
Jan 27 History Group
Jan 27 International Creative Cuisine
Jan 30 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Jan 31 Guitar Groovers
Feb 01 Twisted Sisters Book Club
Feb 01 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Feb 01 Tyros Bridge
Feb 02 National Mah-Jongg
Feb 03 Lunch Club
Feb 03 Mixed Duplicate Bridge
Feb 06 Monday Morning Book Club
Feb 06 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Feb 07 Movie Matinee
Feb 07 Guitar Groovers
Feb 08 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Feb 09 National Mah-Jongg
Feb 13 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Feb 14 Fibre Fans
Feb 14 Guitar Groovers
Feb 15 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Feb 15 Tyros Bridge
Feb 15 Outings
Feb 16 Outdoor Adventures
Feb 16 National Mah-Jongg
Feb 16 Travel Talk
Feb 17 Pot Luck Lunch
Feb 17 Social Contract Mixed Evening Bridge
Feb 20 Mixed Duplicate Morning Bridge
Feb 20 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Feb 20 Ladies Gourmet
Feb 21 Novel Women
Feb 21 Guitar Groovers
Feb 22 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Feb 23 National Mah-Jongg
Feb 24 History Group
Feb 24 International Creative Cuisine
Feb 27 Art Pals
Feb 27 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Feb 28 Current Issues
Feb 28 Guitar Groovers
Mar 01 Twisted Sisters Book Club
Mar 01 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Mar 01 Tyros Bridge
Mar 02 National Mah-Jongg
Mar 03 Lunch Club
Mar 03 Mixed Duplicate Bridge
Mar 06 Monday Morning Book Club
Mar 06 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Mar 07 Movie Matinee
Mar 07 Guitar Groovers
Mar 08 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Mar 09 National Mah-Jongg
Mar 13 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Mar 14 Fibre Fans
Mar 14 Guitar Groovers
Mar 15 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Mar 15 Tyros Bridge
Mar 15 Outings
Mar 16 Outdoor Adventures
Mar 16 National Mah-Jongg
Mar 16 Travel Talk
Mar 17 Pot Luck Lunch
Mar 17 Social Contract Mixed Evening Bridge
Mar 20 Mixed Duplicate Morning Bridge
Mar 20 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Mar 20 Ladies Gourmet
Mar 21 Novel Women
Mar 21 Guitar Groovers
Mar 22 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Mar 23 National Mah-Jongg
Mar 24 International Creative Cuisine
Mar 27 Art Pals
Mar 27 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Mar 28 Current Issues
Mar 28 Guitar Groovers
Mar 29 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Mar 30 National Mah-Jongg
Mar 31 History Group
Apr 03 Monday Morning Book Club
Apr 03 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Apr 04 Movie Matinee
Apr 04 Guitar Groovers
Apr 05 Twisted Sisters Book Club
Apr 05 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Apr 05 Tyros Bridge
Apr 06 National Mah-Jongg
Apr 07 Lunch Club
Apr 07 Mixed Duplicate Bridge
Apr 10 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Apr 11 Fibre Fans
Apr 11 Guitar Groovers
Apr 12 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Apr 13 National Mah-Jongg
Apr 17 Mixed Duplicate Morning Bridge
Apr 17 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Apr 17 Ladies Gourmet
Apr 18 Novel Women
Apr 18 Guitar Groovers
Apr 19 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Apr 19 Tyros Bridge
Apr 19 Outings
Apr 20 Outdoor Adventures
Apr 20 National Mah-Jongg
Apr 20 Travel Talk
Apr 21 Pot Luck Lunch
Apr 21 Social Contract Mixed Evening Bridge
Apr 24 Art Pals
Apr 24 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Apr 25 Current Issues
Apr 25 Guitar Groovers
Apr 26 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Apr 27 National Mah-Jongg
Apr 28 History Group
Apr 28 International Creative Cuisine
May 01 Monday Morning Book Club
May 01 Monday Afternoon Bridge
May 02 Movie Matinee
May 02 Guitar Groovers
May 03 Twisted Sisters Book Club
May 03 National Mah-Jongg
May 03 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
May 03 Tyros Bridge
May 05 Lunch Club
May 05 Mixed Duplicate Bridge
May 08 Monday Afternoon Bridge
May 09 Fibre Fans
May 09 Guitar Groovers
May 10 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
May 11 National Mah-Jongg
May 15 Mixed Duplicate Morning Bridge
May 15 Monday Afternoon Bridge
May 15 Ladies Gourmet
May 16 Novel Women
May 16 Guitar Groovers
May 17 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
May 17 Tyros Bridge
May 18 Outdoor Adventures
May 18 National Mah-Jongg
May 18 Travel Talk
May 19 Pot Luck Lunch
May 19 Social Contract Mixed Evening Bridge
May 22 Art Pals
May 22 Monday Afternoon Bridge
May 23 Current Issues
May 23 Guitar Groovers
May 24 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
May 25 National Mah-Jongg
May 26 History Group
May 26 International Creative Cuisine
May 29 Monday Afternoon Bridge
May 30 Guitar Groovers
May 31 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Jun 01 National Mah-Jongg
Jun 05 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Jun 06 Guitar Groovers
Jun 07 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Jun 08 National Mah-Jongg
Jun 12 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Jun 13 Guitar Groovers
Jun 14 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Jun 15 National Mah-Jongg
Jun 19 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Jun 20 Guitar Groovers
Jun 21 Wednesday Afternoon Bridge
Jun 22 National Mah-Jongg
Jun 26 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Jun 29 National Mah-Jongg
Jul 03 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Jul 06 National Mah-Jongg
Jul 10 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Jul 13 National Mah-Jongg
Jul 17 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Jul 20 National Mah-Jongg
Jul 24 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Jul 27 National Mah-Jongg
Jul 31 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Aug 03 National Mah-Jongg
Aug 07 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Aug 10 National Mah-Jongg
Aug 14 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Aug 17 National Mah-Jongg
Aug 21 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Aug 24 National Mah-Jongg
Aug 28 Monday Afternoon Bridge
Aug 31 National Mah-Jongg

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